The Road so far

11 02 2012

When I started gym on the 11th of January I weighted 141.4kgs and had a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 45.8%. That means that 45.8% of my body mass is pure fat, well not exactly, but basically that is what it equates to. After my first 2 weeks of gym I lost an amazing 4 kgs, and my BMI went down by .4%. In my second week I injured my knee (not in the gym, but running with a super heavy camera kit to catch the Gautrain) and did nothing for ten days while I allowed my knee to rest and heal. On returning to gym I discovered that the 4kgs I had lost had stayed off completely, which is awesome!!! I adjusted my workout plan to something much lighter as not to strain my knee but also to start strengthening it again, luckily the injury wasn’t a serious one. Since then I have shed another 3 kgs. So in total I have dropped 8 kgs. My knee has healed and I’m back on the horse, though I have been taking it easy. As of Monday, I will be working out to my full again and will be posting daily about my workouts and my nutrition.
See you there.




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11 02 2012

You go girl 🙂

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