Saturday, oh saturday….

18 02 2012

What a lazy start to this day. The last thing I felt like doing this morning was hitting the gym, then my mom came round for a visit and that just made me even more in the mood to just plant myself on the sofa and watch TV. Then eerily came this voice in the back of my head… “cheese burger…. cheese burger… I know you want a Steers cheese burger… hmm”. My own damn self taunting me, and also the memories of my five days of burgers and beer last week-end and the 3 kgs I packed back on. What happened next, was surprising even to myself. Without any official of decision making of any kind, I was up off the sofa in a flash, and changing into my gym gear.
From zero to fast becoming my own hero, I got to myself to the VA and gave myself a good solid work out.

10min cycle
Pectoral fly = 5 x 20
Chest press = 5 X 12
Lat pulldown = 5 X 12
Dumbell curls = 5 X 12
Overhead dumbbell tri-cep extensions = 5 X 15
Seated crunches on machine = 5 X 20
5 min on that killer orbitrek (it’s felt a little bit easier today, and from tomorrow Im gonna try for 8mins)
and to finish off and as a reward 30 laps in the pool.

I just love swimming and that’s why I finish my workout with it, because even though it is exercise, it feels like a relaxing reward.

Looking forward to hitting the gym tomorrow with my sister.

275 days to go till goal weight of 70kgs

Keep the faith!





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