Dear Tummy

23 02 2012

I’m ending it with you.  You have cost me way too much in so many ways. You have cost me money, you have cost my self respect, my self confidence, and my ‘mojo’.  Actually I’m more than just ending our relationship, I declare WAR!!!!!

Today I started working core and abs properly, and am taking my workout to a whole new level.  Today I weighed in at 137.6, and I have  made a deal/promise/challenge/dare with myself that when I hit 127.6-127kgs I will ask a girl I have been crushing on out to dinner.  This may very well take two months to achieve, which is fine, I’m just hoping she is not taken by then.  So yes, my workout has gone to a new level, it is not only about achieving a better looking body, or strong and living healthy, it’s about my heart too now.  I want to do it, I want to take her out, but not while I’m looking and feeling like Miss Piggy on a bad binge.

THURSDAY’S WORKOUT – introduction to blasting bums and tums

Orbitrek 10min fat burn program

Hip abduction inward 7 X 20

Hip abduction inward 7 X 20

Seated machine crunches 7 X 20

Power plate core 6 X 10-15 secs

Leg raises gripping yoga ball between my feet 7 X 5

Treadmill 10min fat burn program

Swim 30 laps

And yes, these will intensify over the next few days. I plan to run this workout consecutively for the next 10 days, maybe adding some weight work in between to spice it up. Strangely enough, I really enjoyed the leg raises that work the lower abs.  Sure I couldn’t do many today, but doing them was not something that felt like a chore, lucky I guess. Over the next ten days I will be increasing the number of repetitions on the legs raises and really zap that lower tummy fat of mine.

Live strong and live healthy.

Keep the faith!

ps… don’t dis the orbitrek, that shit is hardcore




5 responses

27 02 2012

Who is she??

27 02 2012

that would be telling…

28 02 2012

Aloha, the orbitrek can be a mean mothertrucker…i find that and the stepper kill me at times. keep the faith. Your hard work is inspiring.

29 02 2012

Thanks Jackie, keep reading, I need the encouragement

2 03 2012

I will do so! seems like you are doing very well.

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