27 days to absolute insanity…

24 02 2012

Here begins a whole new count down. Starting from today, and including today, I have 26 days to train and prepare for a 10km run. I have never run before, well not races or fun runs so this is really stepping out of my comfort zone. I know I can do this, I am the master of doing crazy shit, and of all the crazy shit I have done in my life this is by far the… umm…  sanest, I guess.  I am also naturally suited to endurance tests, and have often walked many kms.  Sure, this is different, this is running, and there will be a time allocation to finish said kms in.  I am going to do this come hell or high water, because I have, now, told everyone I know, and I can’t back down on a challenge, question is; A) will I finish???  B)will I be alive afterward??? Probably not for a few days anyway.  Any volunteers to help me recover?  But beside my stubborn nature and silly pride, I am doing this to prove that anyone can achieve anything if they commit body, mind and soul.  I need to also prove this to myself.

Tonight I hit the treadmill running, mainly to establish what my current ability is so I can pace my 26 days of training from that, then I will be hitting butt and tummy with a vengeance, and as always… reward myself for working so damned hard with a leisurely 30 laps in the pool.

Any tips on training and diet welcome, and of course support and words of encouragement always appreciated.

Live Strong, Live Healthy, Keep the Faith!




One response

24 02 2012

wow !!! you have got guts as you loose your guts 🙂 xxxxx

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