Setting fire to the rain….

14 03 2012

More often than not loosing weight, or building muscle, getting fit, strength training or body conditioning is not as much about the physical work and energy as it is more often about the mental.  If you don’t wake up every day with your game face on, there is a very good chance you won’t even make it to the gym. The last few days I had a personal set back and the result was me not getting to the gym.  After skipping gym for one, it was easy to skip another, then another, until a entire week had past and I had not been to the gym at all.  Suddenly, I found myself back where I was, on the sofa, channel surfing, eating  Steers cheese burgers and drinking CRACK ( Fanta Grape).  It took some insane will power to say NO to CRACK and cheese burgers and get my ass back on track.  Thanks to the friends who spoke me through this awful week, and yes I know, this is not the last time it will happen either.  But that’s cool, as long as I get my ass back on track every time.

Walking into the gym today filled me with so much anxiety, I knew I had to get on the scale and take stock, and responsibility for my week of badness, evil and wrong doings… but it had to be done.  I squared my shoulders and got on the scale…

I looked…   I look again…

OMG this just can’t be right…

I got off, re set the scale,

got on… WOW…

I had not picked up any weight and my BMI was down.

Amazed and grateful for this incredible bit of luck, I hit the iron with a vengeance, and thanked all the gods for being so kind.   I guess my metabolism had picked up enough to cover my ass while I was binging on the nasty stuff.  But, yes, I won’t use that an excuse to binge again, well not for a long time.  I do, however, know now, that I don’t have to chastise my self completely, and that being human is part of the process.

This acceptance of my flaws gave me a renewed mental energy I would not have been able to get anywhere.

I felt proud of myself as I set up to start my workout, and I decided to start with some exercises I had not done in a while…

Barbell bicep curls 10X12 each arm

Over head tricep extentions ( 2 handed)  10X20

Pectoral Flys on the machine 10X15

Barbell preacher curls ( 2 handed) 10X12

Machine leg press (single leg) 10X10 (alternating legs without stopping in between)

Hip abduction inward 10 X 15

Hip abduction outward 10 X 15

After this workout I felt just great, my ass was on fire, my legs felt good, my knees strong and strengthened, it was time to reward myself so I headed to the pool for 30-40 laps.  The pool was so full that I had to wait for a lane to share, and when this did finally happen I only managed to get in 10 laps before I was told I had to move because the lane I was in was to be used for the water aerobics class that was about to start.  As I was heading to get out the pool an idea plopped into mind (yes plopped, I was quite tired at this point), instead of not swimming, let me join the water aerobics class.  WELL!!!! I tell you what, water aerobics is not for sissies, for 45mins I sweated (not really coz I was in the water) but by ZUES, that woman made us work hard, and it was all resistance non impact exercise.  I really enjoyed it though, don’t know if I will rush to get to another class, but if Im at the pool and a class if going to start… hell yeah Im in.  I finished off with 10 laps after this.  I just couldn’t do any more, and I wanted to, but my arms said… no way Jose.

I went home feeling good, re-inspired and knowing that tomorrow Ill be back to do it all again.

250 days to go to my goal of breaking 100

Live Strong, Live Healthy, Keep the Faith





2 responses

14 03 2012

keep on pushing ……….xx

15 03 2012

A big thumbs up Lizz!

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