Loose 10 kgs in 5 weeks???

20 03 2012

Can a person loose 10 kgs in 5 weeks, in a healthy way and loose it for good? I think so, and I have devised a way to do it.  Well, I don’t know for sure if it works, but I have a sneaky suspicion it can, and I want to try prove my plan right, beside I find I do much better with a plan and a deadline…

So I’m working on a 5 week cycle

Each week I have a goal of loosing 2 kgs and monitoring and maintaining a level of exercise.  After I have completed these 5 weeks, I should have lost 10kgs, and  will evaluate my performance and use that to plan my next 5 week cycle and try step up my performance with regards to repetitions for weight work, and time on cardio work, I will not be raising weights (except perhaps on my shoulder workout, as my shoulders need to step up a little in weight work).

WEEK 1 runs Wends 22nd – Tues 27th

WEEK 2 runs Thurs 29th – Wends 4th

WEEK 3 runs Fri 6th – Thurs 12th

WEEK 4 runs Sat 14th – Fri 20th

WEEK 5 runs Sun 22nd – Sat 28th

Day 1 starts with…

DAY 1 – Arms & Shoulders

Cardio – 10min Fat Burn Program on X-Trainer

Seated dumbell curls 10 X 12 (6kgs per arm)

Overhead two hand tricep extention (10 kgs)

Reverse barbell curl (10 kgs)

Seated shoulder press (11 kgs)

Upright barbell rows (10 kgs)

Barbell frontal raises (4kgs per arm)

Join me, see if it can work for you.  Yes it will be hard work, but to get rid of 10 kgs in 5 weeks??? That’s a new dress size, why the hell not??? Pain is momentary, dropping a dress size can last forever.

Live Strong, Live Healthy, Keep the Faith





5 responses

21 03 2012

Awesome! I lost 2kgs last week. Keep it up.

21 03 2012


22 03 2012

oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

22 03 2012

It’s sound a bit crazy, but I think it will work. ;p

23 03 2012

Nothing is impossible!

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