5 06 2012

So burn out did happen, I guess it was inevitable.
Putting too much pressure on one self takes a very definate toll on the body, mind and soul. But here I am after 6-8 weeks of no gym, just a bit of skating twice a week and eating unhealthy. But not like I used to.

Yes some things have changed for good. And…. TAAAADAAAAAAA…. I’m back at gym. Ive been 3 times now and have just messed around a little, not really committing to the workout, but today the commitment came. Today I had the balls to get on the scale again expecting to see myself right back to square one.
Let have a quick recap…
Last year I was almost 150kgs when I got the fright of my life.
17 January 2012 I joined Virgin Active and had my first official weigh in at 143 kgs.
My last official weigh in was Tues 10 April at just a little under 136 and a total of 7kgs lost.
Weigh in today, first proper day back at gym and almost 2 months after I had last been to gym…
OMG I can barely believe it…

134.4 kgs!!!
I my heart soared at the realisation that I have not picked up what I had lost, and in fact I had even lost a further 1.6 kgs.
There is nothing that could inspire me more for my next step than that

I did it, and I did it right, and even though there were times that I pushed a little too hard, it was still the correct choice.

So here I am re-ignited, rejuvenated and read to start again.
Readers, if you are in fact still with me and following, hang in there, this shit is about to explode.

Live Strong, Live Healthy, Keep the Faith





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