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31 12 2012

Im right back where I started a year ago.  A few differences though… have gained a few more of those pesky kilos, have found love and have accrued a new battle, cancer.  No, I’m not going to change the theme of this blog to one of those “I have cancer and thats all I can talk about now”,  blogs. Nope, in fact Im re-igniting this blog with the same true purpose of loosing weight, getting healthy, and healing my body mind and soul. After all, the only way you can wage a war, is on all fronts.

Yea, so 2012 was not all I hoped it would be, but it was eventful and interesting.  Its took me down some interesting paths, both lovely and horrific, and Im now choosing to allow it to build my character and not make me hateful.

So, today I walked back into the gym, a new gym in fact.  Virgin Active Victory Park, and wow it is lovely.  25m pool, some new machines, and a crossfit ‘play’ area.  The new gym looks and feels great.  I hopped on the bike for a 20min cycle, only managed 8.5 mins of that, and then proceeded to try our all the new machines, as well as the crossfit area.  I was not disappointed in myself for not reaching my goal, instead I was proud of myself for going to the gym, and was excited with all the new ‘toys’ to have fun with.

Last year I set myself strict rules, exercise regimes and tight weight loss goals, which worked well, for 7 weeks.  It was just not sustainable from a psychological point of view.  This year Im gonna mix it up, do things that will feel like fun and not hard work, and Im gonna try stick to these four rules…

  1. Always remember to breathe. This seems obvious, but when you’re in the middle of an exercise you may actually forget. In most cases you’ll exhale when you do the hard work (e.g. the pushing up part of a push up), and inhale on the easier part (e.g. when you lower your body for the push up). This isn’t always the case, however, and special breathing instructions are noted where relevant in this post.
  2. Form is extremely important. If you do an exercise wrong, what seems like progress initially will quickly dissipate and possibly result in injury. Be sure you’re doing the exercises correctly before you begin. Ask a friend to watch your form first. If you know a professional, ask them to help guide you. While this guide will explain proper form, it is your responsibility to ensure you doing the exercises properly and not cutting any corners.
  3. Take it slowly. While aerobic exercise if often the exception, most other exercise is best performed slowly. This doesn’t mean you should take long breaks in between each push up and sit up, but that you shouldn’t perform each as quickly as possible. Going slowly will work the muscle more and make you stronger.
  4. Your goal is to fail. The key to a good work out is failure. That doesn’t mean giving up because you’re frustrated and tired, but rather pushing the limits of your strength until your strength is spent. Obviously you don’t want to push yourself to the point of injury, but that shouldn’t be a concern so long as you’re exhibiting the proper form. Don’t worry too much about the number of repetitions of any given exercise, but instead concentrate on working as hard as you can. A larger number of push ups doesn’t necessarily mean you’re stronger. Some days you’ll have more energy than others and will perform better. Some days you’ll perform worse. The key is to do the best you can with all of the energy you have. If you fail, you succeed.

(above from

Also, this year I have decided to not waste time with new year’s resolutions.  Instead I have chosen to be more pro-active and made myself a 2013 ‘To Do List’, this is how it looks so far…

Get bi-polar under control

Get a full time job

Fix my car to reliable status

Get under 100kgs

Pass fresh meat (this is a roller derby thing, its the newbie skating level)

Become a better editor

Learn after effects (animation and sfx software)

Pay off my debts

Make a movie

Save money for an overseas vacation

100 days with no alcohol

Kick cancer’s ass

What’s on your 2013 To Do List ???




5 responses

31 12 2012

Congrats on getting back to the gym and your 2013 To Do list! Here’s to a successful year…

31 12 2012

ektuwally, been reading thru your blog. i like the mma idea…

3 01 2013

yea, you dont think im too old for it yet???

5 01 2013

I was thinking of joining you…but in the training…

5 01 2013

then why dont you Amanda, I need to loose weight first before I start doing the martial art side of it, bu it would be great to have a sparring partner. Ive been look at this place for training…

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