Discovering Paleo

12 01 2013

Part of the the 2013 ‘To Do List’ was to eat healthier for sustainable weight loss, and seeing as everyone has been talking Paleo, my partner and myself decided to try it out.

I was weary to begin with, after much reading up on Paleo eating its just sounded like the Atkins Diet all over again, but the hipster version.  I started researching recipes for vegetarian paleo, which is almost a contradiction is terms, because Paleo is shortened for paleolithic, and refers to basically eating like a cave man. Okay, it’s a little more intelligent than that.  The Paleo eating plan is based on the premis that the human body has not evolved as fast as our consumerist ways, and that we should in fact eat the way we did back in the paleolithic age, ie, like cave men.  So, basically, meat, meat meat.  High protien, healthy carbs, no wheat, NO PROCESSED FOOD WHATSO EVA!!!  This is a little tricky for vegetarians, but we found a some recipes that looked fun and yum and have tried a few out.

The grand winner so far was last nights dinner, Cauliflower crust pizza.  Previously I have never been a fan of cauliflower, but after the Tater Tots I did last week, and last night’s pizza I am converted and an avid fan.  I am now going to share this devine meal with you, my loyal 5 followers.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza


You will need the following ingredients, this makes enough for two hungry gyming girls.

For the pizza Crust

1 lrg head of cauliflower

4 egg whites

2 cups mozzarella (you can also use low fat plain cottage cheese, but if you do, make sure you drain it properly before using).

2tbl dried thyme (the original recipe called for oregano here, but we were out, so I used thyme and have decided it makes for better flavour building).

t tbl spoon crush FRESH garlic (dont used pre crushed, the flavour is too strong and its got preservatives)


Here you can use anything you what to.

we used the only meat product we eat, crispy bacon bits

brown mushroom

more grated cheese, after all, whats a pizza without cheese on top????

cherry tomatoes (added after grilling)

and avocado slices (added after grilling)

So to get started…

Pre heat oven at 200celcius (you will turn it down to 140 later)

In a large bowl grate your cauliflower florets (here’s a helpful hint, when you cut up your floret from the head, don’t separate them to small florets, the smaller they are the harder it is to grate without adding finger to the mix).

Grate properly, don’t add any un-grated bits to the mix at all, you want a consistent fine flakiness.

add your thyme (or oregano) and mix well.

Heat up a large skillet, add a dash of olive oil (NOT BUTTER) and cook up the cauliflower thyme mix. Stir continuously until translucent and do not let any of it brown or burn.

While we were doing this we were also crisping up our bacons bits in another saucepan, then fried up our mushrooms in the bacon grease.  When the mushrooms and bacon bits were ready we put them in separate bowls and allowed to cool on the side.

Now, take your four egg whites, garlic and grated mozzarella cheese (or cottage cheese) and  mix in a food processor until you have a nice firm paste.

Once the cauliflower is cooked through nicely, add it to your egg and cheese paste and mix thoroughly with the good ole wooden spoon. What you will end up with is a very dough like mixture.

Now grab an over tray line with baking paper, no need to grease it at all.  Spoon all the mixture on to the tray and spread out using your wooden spoon (or spatula if you prefer).  I just patted it down and out wards until I it was approx. 5-10mm evenly thick all over.  Go too thin it will break up, too thick and it wont cook evenly.  When you’re happy with your base lay out, pop it into the oven.  Turn oven down to 140 celcius, and keep an eye on the crust, ovens vary and this is not an exact science, you may want to hit it at a higher temp, just feel it out.  You may have to flip your base half way, but basically you’re looking for a crisp golden brown bake. This should take 15 -20mins, SUPERVISED.

When the crust is evenly crisp take out, add toppings and pop back in over for a further 5 -10 mins, supervised, and until you can smell it’s ready.

We then sliced our cherry tomatoes and avo onto the pizza, drizzled with balsami reduction and sat down to a delicious and surprisingly filling dinner.



I have also experimented with zuccini fingers, which makes a great light lunch or pre gym snack, and quinoa patties, which were not that successful so I have to refine the recipe further.  But as soon as I have those mastered I will blog about it

On the exercise front, I have managed to get my butt to gym between chemo and have lost my first 5kgs in the first two weeks.  Just to recap, we went back to gym on 31st dec, where I weighed in at a shocking 150 kgs.  I really thought chemo was gonna make me loose weight like a mofo, but I guess I have the other DNA.

Thus far I have not been tracking my excercise routine much, just been trying work myself to my limit, but as of now Im tracking and sharing.

My tracker report from Virgin Active Victory park;


So far so good, my first 5kgs down and another 10 to go to hit my first goal deadline set for the 7 April.  I’m finding that breaking out of my ‘work out comfort zones’ and doing more cardio and core is really paying off.  I am however often tempted to just hit arms and back on days that Im lacking in energy.

If you find this post inspiring or interesting go ahead and suggest my blog to all your friends and help me get a few more followers.

Well, home made smoothy time, and then dinner, vegetarian ‘lesagne’, sans the pasta of course.

Live Strong, Live Healthy, Keep the Faith


Images by Lauren Barkume Photography




3 responses

13 01 2013

Thanx for the exciting new recipe Lizz! 🙂 I too am passionately paleo 😀 it has completely changed my life!! I am just a lil concerned as to why you think its so much like the Atkins diet? I also would like to share with you how I discovered it, I downloaded an ebook off the net called the Superdiet, I paid a pretty penny but having studied health and nutrition myself, was absolutely blown away by the insight of such a lifestyle! 😀 I recommend you check it out, the author being Caleb Lee, I trust with my whole heart you will love it!
Yours in health
Gemma 😉

13 01 2013

Im just full of shit and weary of eating plans/diet in general, but yes looking forward to reading more about Paleo and doing more research into the nutritional science behind it. I’ll also look more into the book you mentioned, I’m becoming more and more nutrition conscious, wanna get fit and strong and get back to derby. Thanks Gemma

13 01 2013

Thanx for the exiting new recipe Lizz! And congradulations on your weightloss journey 🙂 I too am passionately paleo! 😀 It has completely changed my life! I am just a lil concerned as to why you think its so much like the Atkins and where you are getting your info from? 🙂 I have made the mistake my self of doing research on the web through different articles by different authors and many different sites especially when researching for my body fat loss goals, the contradiction was enormous! I was very unhappy until I discovered The Superdiet by Caleb Lee! 😀 Having studied health, nutrition and fitness, I fell in love with this ebook! An absolute gem of nutrition information! I paid a pretty penny for it but I really recommend you check it out, it comes with tonnes of cool extras and well I just see this as paying it forward in a way as I gained way more then what I paid for and I think you will fall in love with it too. You’re entire perspective on eating will be completely shifted! Making it just that much easier 🙂
Yours in health

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