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The Midmar Mile is a swimming race held annually in February at the Midmar Dam north of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Each year, it draws thousands of competitors, from serious international athletes and Olympic medallists to purely recreational swimmers.

In 2009 the event, in which 13 755 compentitors finished the race, was recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest open water swimming event.

The event gains its name from the location (Midmar Dam) and the distance (roughly one mile). A unique feature of the race is that while the distance covered is always a mile, depending on rainfall and the water levels in the dam, the distance swim varies from year to year. In years with poor rainfall, competitors are subject to the infamous Midmar sprint start: a bedlam of bodies sprinting across the muddy lake-shore and through the shallows until the water is deep enough to swim.

In order to handle the vast number of competitors, the swimmers swim out in 5 groups at three-minute intervals in 8 separate mile races over two days; the group division the swimmer is assigned to is based on a qualifying time in a previous (qualifying) event, with the fastest group leaving first.dsc_0006 

Image from the Midar Website gallery.  these are not my images, no copyright infringement intended.

Hopefully this will be me next Feb.



Saturday 9th February 2014
08:15 Event 1 – Disabled / Ironman / Ironwoman / Biathlons / Individuals
09:45 Event 2 – Company Teams
11:00 Event 3 – Non-Company Teams
12:15 Event 4 – Family Teams
Sunday 10th February 2014
  08:30 Event 5 – Girls 13 & Under / Women 31 & Over
09:45 Event 6 – Boys 13 & Under / Men 31 & Over
11:00 Event 7 – Women 14 to 30
12:15 Event 8 – Men 14 to 30
ENTRY CRITERIA – Swimmers who cannot swim 1600 metres in a pool in under 50 minutes are advised against entering.

Currently I can swim 30 laps (rested) in a 25m pool, so basically 750m rested in about 45mins.  Thats less that half the distance I need to cover unrested in choppy water, the last half of which you swim against a bit of a current. I have long way to go in my training and conditioning and just over 9 months to do it in.  


See you at the FINISH line.

Live Strong, Live Healthy, Keep the Faith





4 responses

8 01 2014

Please confirm if it’s Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th Feb?

8 02 2014

I would love to witness the midmar mile next year. Had I known earlier , that it happens in february every year I wouldve been there.
Deciding if I should participate also .

8 02 2014

Had I known earlier , that it happens in february every year I wouldve been there. To show support and motivation to all participants.
Deciding if I should participate also .

8 02 2014
Robbie Ross

Please check your dates. They are confusing the public that have been phoning me like crazy. It is Sat. 8 and Sun 9th not Sat 9th and Sun. 10th.

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