The date is 30 03 13

I have just noticed that there is something special about that number, or maybe there is nothing special about that number.  Either way, that number feels special to me.  It looks so comfortable and rounded.  It’s a good day.

I started this blog just over a year ago because I wanted to share my journey in weight loss, and in re-creating my physical appearance.  But it has become more than that now.  I want to heal my body.

Im 36, grossly obese, I have lymphoma, my knees are degenerating, chemo is ravaging my internal organs, depression is ravaging my soul and my memory seems to be coming and going like a long old lover.  The thing is… I believe the human body is so infinitely amazing that we are capable of coming back from anything.

Sure, as you get older your body heals slower, but it never stops healing.

It has been said that regeneration and replacement of cells is a continuous thing and that your body in fact replaces itself over a seven year period.  I will at some stage research this and blog on the science of it, but I do believe it.

It’s actually becoming a bit of a religion to me.  I want to learn about all aspect of nutrition, exercise and medicines that can help me along the way, and blog about it.

So my quest is to rebuild my body, heal my body, fix my body.  I want to fix myself and make myself strong, fit, healthy and young again, and I know I can do it.  But know I can’t do it all in one go, or in a few months, and that this is a life long quest.  But it is my quest.

The date is 30 03 13

Age 36

Healthy –  Diabetic, Obese, Cancer, Brain fog, several concussion (which has given me some brain damage) garbled speech, sporadic loss of motor skills and co ordination, circulation problems, bi-polar, damaged knees and ankle joints, nerve damaged shoulder.


Doing MMA, Skating in a roller derby bout, Doing a tri-athlon, running the Comrades, Cycling the Cape Epic, living long strong fit and healthy, reverse the effects of ageing and heal my body completely – yes I know I may need surgery for some of this, waiting for biomechanical knees 🙂

This is my quest, join me on the journey.

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 18.10.39



FEB 2012

Last year, November, I turned 35, and as all women do, on every birthday they have after 30, I indulged in a few bottles of wine and took stock of my life.  So a I made the list, the stock take list (wine bottle n0. 1) I am 35 I have a beautiful home I have a career I work from beautiful home I have great equipment to work with I have awesome siblings, and a great family, they may be full of quirks and things, but great (wine bottle n0. 2) I live alone I am single I am 35 I have many, many acquaintances, but very few close friends I weigh 145 kgs My clothes barely fit I have no energy (wine bottle n0. 3) I am 35 I live off the Delivery Xtreame menu I barely leave the house I can’t look at myself naked in the mirror It’s been months since I had sex Damn… I really used to like sex… and that is how it all started. I realised I was miserable and hated the way my life was going, or more specifically my weight.  It was going up and up and up, and my sex life was going down and down and down. Isn’t a woman’s 30’s meant to be the best years of her {sex} life???  No, it’s not all about sex, it’s about everything. It’s about wheezing and being out of breath after just getting out of bed and moving to the couch to watch tv.  It’s about being so tired and listless and sleeping 15 hrs a day. It’s about my knees hurting and my back aching all the damn time. It’s about never going out to social events because I know I look like a heifer.  It’s about my self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem spiraling out of control. It took two months for the penny to drop, but it did and I realised, I am 35, and I am too young to be feeling this old. I joined Virgin Active on the 11th of January 2012, and made a conscious decision to gain control of my life, and to one day have lots of amazing sex again. This is my journey, and I want you to join me.  I want you to be inspired, I want you to want to take control of your life.  Don’t say that you can’t do it. Girl, I weighed  146 kgs… do you know how frikkin fat that is???  I have 60 kg to lose in total, and if I can lose my 60 you can lose your 10. And here is the big reveal… my goal is to hit my goal weight of 70 by June/July and maintain till November. IN may I want to start my training as a MMA fighter, and (and here’s the whopper ladies) June 2014 I want to run the Comrades Marathon. Big dreams for a big girl, come dream and journey with me.  Take control, change your life, become the best you you can be.


4 responses

22 02 2012

hi hi! have you thought about trying paleo and crossfit? theyre both amazing! and good luck!
I used to weigh 120…got down to 62…back up to 87 😦 sigh…I swore I never would let it happen. But I’m back into the scheme of things and I’m feeling great things from 2012 😀

22 02 2012

Steffi, you gotta get back down babe, you got to do the work, and be able to look at you ass in the mirror and think to yourself, “I’d tap that”. Go on, claim it, and loose that 20 again.

26 02 2012

HAHA! That is the most amazing thing I have ever read!! I will. You watch!

26 02 2012

yes!!!! awesome, keep me updated.

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